Moving Services


Mithals provides door-to-door international moving services for household goods. This includes packing, crating for fragile items, customs clearance, local transportation, delivery, unpacking, insurance, storage and forwarding by air, sea or road and tracking the same.

We use the finest quality packing material conforming to international standards for packing of household goods and personal effects. Customized solutions such as corrugated boxes are used for handling fragile household items and wardrobe boxes for clothes and suits. Our GPS tracked moving trucks help ensure that your household goods are transported under maximum safety with the reduced risk of any transit damage. Our team of consultants and packers are trained in the latest industry methods and use extreme care while loading and unloading packed goods.


With warehouses in New Delhi and Gurgaon, we are centrally located in close proximity to the inland container terminal and the airport. We also have branch or associate offices in major cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Our warehouses are equipped with 24-hour security and fire protection systems and have special equipment for safe handling and storage of household goods.


Our updated communication and IT systems provide us with constant access to our branch/associate offices across India and overseas. Each move is constantly tracked and the customer is provided with accurate and updated information regarding movement of their shipment promptly.


We believe in quality and care!





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